Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

It’s been a long day.  And it started funny.

Last night, I was laying in “my bed” (the futon in the living room of my parent’s house) watching “Phineas & Ferb on my iPad.  I’m sharing the floor with my puppy Rigsby, my hamster Reggie, and last night only (I pray)…someone else.  Buster.

I had been hearing a noise for quite some time and assuming it was my hamster but I finally decided that it wasn’t.  So I sat up and watched the room closely.  That’s when I saw him.  Buster.  Buster is a flying squirrel.  Buster was in my house ALL night.  At one point…Buster was even in my bed.  I hate Buster.  I slept in the bathroom floor last night to avoid Buster.

But then…the day quit being funny.

My mom and I had to go to the doctor (everyone’s fine!) and we stopped for lunch on our way home.  We stopped at McDonald’s and I went back to the restroom and passed a television.  The shooting had just happened.  “Shooting” and “Elementary” are two words I never dreamed I would see together.  But now I have.  And it wasn’t in my dreams…it was in a nightmare.

I was devastated.  I’m trying to deal/cope/live with several things right now and this made all of them intensely more difficult.  I was talking with my mom and crying and she said something to me.  She said to me, “Maggie, you don’t have a cure for everyone who has ever suffered…”.  She said more…but I didn’t hear it.

The music faded.  My mother’s voice faded.  My pain faded.  And somewhere in the back of my mind I heard a still small voice reply:

“Yes you do.  Jesus.”

I don’t know your specific question.  I don’t know your answer.  But I know what you can use to help pain relief.

Come and heal our hearts.
Come and heal our children.
Come and give Connecticut,
a Silent Night.



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