The Little Drummer Boy: A History Lessons


We all have our favorite Christmas songs.  Mine is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and I love Cee Lo Greene’s version with Christina Aguilera.  However, as far as my favorite pumped up Christmas song…it would definitely be “The Little Drummer Boy”.  And if you haven’t heard Lincoln Brewster’s version of it featuring KJ-52 you need to check it out!  But I digress.  I was given a homework assignment a couple of weeks ago on Friday night for Crossroad Radio: find the history of “The Little Drummer Boy”.

Are you ready for this?

Katherine Davis was born in 1892 in St. Joesph Mo.  She composed her first piece of music at the age of 15.  But in 1941 she would write the piece that everyone would know.  She was inspired by French and English folktales that she read during World War II.  Especially ones with morals.  Especially when the moral was that there was always someone poorer than poor little you.  That’s when she pictured a poor boy coming to visit a baby in a manger.  She sat down and penned a poem that she called “The Carol of the Drum”.  There is a span of time between “The Carol of the Drum”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, and “The Little Drummer Boy” becoming popular.

But a recording pushed it over the top.

Because this poem caught the eye of a family band.  An Austrian family band.  They would later become the focus of one of the greatest musicals of all times.

The family band?
The Von Trapp Family Singers.

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