yEP! That’s a good EP.

Capital Kings

So here’s the deal.  On XR Radio, we’ve been doing Christmas and one of our most awesomest songs we’re playing right now is Capital Kings‘ version of the EVER classic “Carol of the Bells“.  I’ve been listening to it and thinking to myself, “Now THIS is what Christian music has been missing.”  But you always have to be on your guard when getting excited about new artists.  There is always the chance that the first song you heard was awesome and the rest is just kind of.  You know… 😛

But last night at XR I received a copy of Capital Kings’ EP “I Feel So Alive“.  And as soon as I got in the car I put it in.


This EP has me even more excited for this band’s first full length album I can’t hardly wait!  I’m also reconsidering fighting Winter Jam crowds just for a chance to see this duo live and in action!  The first track, “I Feel So Alive” has an intense beat, outstanding melody, and the music these boys produce is unbelievable.  The quality is absolutely pristine.  I love these lyrics, “You’ve got me livin’ how I wanted all along.  I feel so alive!”  “Be There” is very different from the first track but with this still outstanding production quality, vocals, melody, and instrumentation.  “Tell Me” is the ‘lighter’ song on the EP (as far as beat goes) but it is still awesome!  And the Telemitry remix of “I Feel So Alive” is indescribable.

 The group is doing dubstep…and then they dubstep the dubstep.

Mind Blown

Capital Kings is most definitely a band to keep your eye on!  Love the music, love the vocals, love the production, love the EP!  Can’t wait for January!



So Mac Powell’s long awaited debut has dropped.  His country debut.  COUNTRY?!?!  Country.  And does he kill it with his gritty vocal?  You bet he does!  From his “party” songs like “Georgia Girls” and “Saturday Night” to his deeper, Third Day reminiscent songs like “Carry You” and “My Love for You Remains”…if you’re a Third Day fan you’ll love the album.  And if you love country music…you’ll be surprised.  Pleasantly surprised.  It had plenty of room to go horribly wrong…but it didn’t!


TobyMac “Eye on It”
Featuring “Me Without You”
Released: 8/28

Owl City “Midsummer Station”
Featuring “Good Time”
Released: 8/21

Project 86 “Wait for the Siren”
Featuring “Fall Goliath, Fall”
Released: 8/21

Derek Minor (Formerly PRo) “PSA Vol. 3”
Featuring “I’m Focused”
Released: ?



Flame’s latest album “The 6th” came out on “the 6th” and it is doing VERY VERY well!!!  It shot to the top of the iTunes hip-hop/rap charts on its first day and is still holding steady at number 4.  You can find it on the homepage in the “New and Noteworthy section just above Trip Lee’s “I’m Good”.  Check BOTH of these out!

Flame review coming soon!


For those of us Christian music fans today is SUCH A BIG DAY!!!  Do you know why?  WELL DO YOU?!?!?!?!?!

I’ll tell you why!

Today marks the release of the first full length album from brothers Joel & Luke of “for KING & COUNTRY”!!!  I am so excited!!!  I love their sound and I’m looking forward to great things to come from these gentlemen.


Also released today, February 28th, 2012 is the latest from Sent by Ravens.  I’m very excited about this band as well!  (We play them on Crossroad radio!)

And last but most, most, MOST assuredly not least!!!  KUTLESS HAS RELEASED A NEW ROCK ALBUM!!!  Their praise and worship albums were wonderful…and we’re glad the guys took some time to make sure their hearts were in the right place.  But now that they are…WE ARE READY TO ROCK YAYEAH!!!

Album reviews of ALL THREE coming at you this week so keep in touch!  🙂