UNreview: “Sunny Days”


Tammy Trent hasn’t been heard from for several years now. This week though, she unexpectedly…and gloriously returned to the scene. With an album title like “Sunny Days” you should expect a lot of upbeat songs but this album has something I’ve NEVER seen before!!! They’re all upbeat songs…faster tempos, even the “slow” songs on this album are faster than a lot of songs you hear on albums. It’s a pretty stellar album but if you know anything about Ms. Trent it becomes even more outstanding. In 2001 her husband when scuba diving and didn’t return to the cruise ship. The next morning, rescue diverse found his body. On September 11th, 2001. Returning to us with such a hope filled album and especially tracks like “Don’t Let Him Be the Last to Know” are a testament to God’s healing power. This album is excellent and I’d suggest it to anybody but if you know someone who is going through a time of grief…it would definitely be something to get them.

RATING: * * * *
BEST TRACK: “Don’t Let Him Be the Last to Know”