TobyMac “Eye on It”
Featuring “Me Without You”
Released: 8/28

Owl City “Midsummer Station”
Featuring “Good Time”
Released: 8/21

Project 86 “Wait for the Siren”
Featuring “Fall Goliath, Fall”
Released: 8/21

Derek Minor (Formerly PRo) “PSA Vol. 3”
Featuring “I’m Focused”
Released: ?


Boys and Squirrels

Okay…so I’ve fallen really bad behind with writing posts and ESPECIALLY where album reviews are concerned.  However, on the 12th day of this month I graduate from Appalachian State University!  CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT?!?!?!  ANYWAY…after the 12th I’ll have more time to do things that I want to do!  I’ll be posting up reviews for Manafest’s “Fighter”, Demon Hunter’s “True Defiance”, and…is there anything else I’ve missed?  Ooh!  Benjah’s “The Breakup”.  I think that’s as far behind as I’ve gotten.  But we’ll see.  So be looking forward to increased activity here on our site!  Lemme know if there’s anything you want to hear from me!  Comment and tell me what you like and want more of!  Talk to ya more soon!

Still That Girl

Britt Nicole is a definite favorite of mine.

I’ve loved her since the first album and I anxiously await every new one since then.  (The latest came out last week and the album review is currently under construction!

My favorite track from this most recent album, “Gold”, is number 10 “Still That Girl”.  I’ve gone through a lot in my 23 years on this earth (biography to come soon) and this song was a refreshing reminder that I’m still “that” girl that I used to be and the girl I thought had been lost through a series of unfortunate events.  But last night, on my way home from an event with WBFJ, I came to a realization.

The girl this song refers to was a girl who can still be the one who wants to change the world.  But I realized there is another “that” girl out there.  I’m the other kind.  The other kind is the one who puts on a facade.  She paints herself happy when she goes out on the town and she laughs and jokes and cuts up with the people she finds herself with.  But when she gets home…when she gets alone…she’s still that girl.  That girl that’s broken.  That girl that’s empty.  That girl that’s wounded.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

Embrace your broken-ness.  Let it be a part of you.  You can’t keep from it.  But don’t let it define you.



Flame’s latest album “The 6th” came out on “the 6th” and it is doing VERY VERY well!!!  It shot to the top of the iTunes hip-hop/rap charts on its first day and is still holding steady at number 4.  You can find it on the homepage in the “New and Noteworthy section just above Trip Lee’s “I’m Good”.  Check BOTH of these out!

Flame review coming soon!


For those of us Christian music fans today is SUCH A BIG DAY!!!  Do you know why?  WELL DO YOU?!?!?!?!?!

I’ll tell you why!

Today marks the release of the first full length album from brothers Joel & Luke of “for KING & COUNTRY”!!!  I am so excited!!!  I love their sound and I’m looking forward to great things to come from these gentlemen.


Also released today, February 28th, 2012 is the latest from Sent by Ravens.  I’m very excited about this band as well!  (We play them on Crossroad radio!)

And last but most, most, MOST assuredly not least!!!  KUTLESS HAS RELEASED A NEW ROCK ALBUM!!!  Their praise and worship albums were wonderful…and we’re glad the guys took some time to make sure their hearts were in the right place.  But now that they are…WE ARE READY TO ROCK YAYEAH!!!

Album reviews of ALL THREE coming at you this week so keep in touch!  🙂


I am currently trying to read through the entire Bible…in 90 days.  I am doing so with the help of an amazing app on my iPad.  Right now I am in the book of Exodus.  Here’s caught my attention this morning:  In Exodus 13, the Israelites have been released from Egypt while the Egyptians are mourning the death of all their firstborns.  God is leading them toward the land that He promised their Father…the magnificent Canaan.  But listen to what the scripture tells us in verse 17…

“It so happened that after Pharaoh released the people, God didn’t lead them by the road through the land of the Philistines, which was the shortest route, for God thought, ‘If the people encounter war, they’ll change their minds and go back to Egypt.”

Now this is one of those passages that you read over for YEARS and then suddenly the gravity of the situation fully hits you.  Let me focus in on a part of it that really makes the most difference in my personal opinion…

“If the people encounter war, they’ll change their minds and go back to Egypt.”

So God lead Him they way He did (by the way, if He had not He would not have had to part the Red Sea) because He didn’t want the Israelites to face war.  He did not want His chosen people to face war BECAUSE…He was afraid they would want to go back to Egypt.  He went out of His way…and out of their way…to make sure His own people trusted Him and followed Him without question.  To make sure they didn’t want to go back to Egypt.  This is Exodus 13:17…and by Exodus 14:10, the Israelites were wanting to go back to Egypt.  As you well know…this was not the first time and wouldn’t be the last.