Pay No Attention

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”
Pay no attention to the girl behind this blog.

No but seriously.  I am not the important person in this equation but you have a book you can turn to about the true sponsor of this blog.  However, since I’m the one doing the typing here, I thought it was only fair to you that I give you a little information about me.

I was born and raised in Mt. Airy, NC.  It is and forever will be the basis for the town of Mayberry in the Andy Griffith show.  It also is and forever will be truly black and white.  If you go into Wal*Mart for a loaf of bread, you’ll be there at least an hour  talking to people you know.  Sunday school teachers, history teachers, friends, friend’s parents, parent’s friends, family, probably some strangers.  In other words, it’s really interesting.  I lead a happy-go-skippy life for most of my early years and assumed it would remain the same.  It turned out much different from what I expected.  I learned to read in kindergarten, got in trouble for learning to tie my shoes “the wrong way” (thank you national school systems), had a girl call my dad an ugly indian (and my grandfather), reported to my teacher that two boys had run away from school, got in trouble for caring about a boy hyperventilating, got baptized when I was ten, “fell” in the sixth grade, re-dedicated my life at least 97 times, became the president of Fellowship of Christian Students (first 7th grade president), started writing songs, fell in love with music, FRESHMAN, had some classes  with my mom (math teacher :P), made best friends, lost both my grandmothers within six months of each other, graduated high school, FRESHMAN, made friends with two awesome girls (several others but two in particular), got a job at my favorite Christian coffee house, lost one of my best friends in a car wreck, became a youth minister intern at my home church, lost one of my inspirations to cancer, lost a dear friend to a horrible accident, lost a scholarship, lost a friend in a four-wheeler accident, summer job at a lodge in Linville, beach with the parents, lost an uncle, summer job, SENIOR, put together a program of protest songs (including one for Westboro Baptist Church), lost a classmate to meningitis, lost another uncle, lost my grandfather, and I am now sitting in my log house in Mt. Airy with my golden retriever mix Lord Stewart Rigsby laying at my feet listening to music, typing this, and…not gonna lie…feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself.  Whenever I lay out EVERYTHING that has happened in the last 5 years of my life…I allow about a 5 minute pity party.  But then I movie on because truly, I’m blessed.  I knew that, struggled with, hid from it, but recently I have been returning to that conclusion.  I am blessed.

Music is a comfort and a solace to me.  Always has been.  I LOVE music!  It’s one of the reasons I decided to go into radio.  I work Friday nights at WBFJ in Winston-Salem with a specialty show playing the best in Christian rap, rock, hip-hop and everything in between!  So this blog is about that.  The music I love, the things I think, and the stuff I see/say.

Please enjoy!
God Bless.


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