Brandon heath, “Leaving Eden”

Brandon Heath came on the scene in 2007 with “I’m Not Who I Was” from his debut album “Don’t Get Comfortable”.  His smooth voice and plainly complex lyrics induced a passionate craze for the truth he had to share.  With the release of his third album, his fans expected some of his best work.

In my opinion…Brandon Heath did NOT disappoint.

The title track sets off the feel of the album.  “Leaving Eden” (the song) is a powerful ballad chronicling the decline of our world.  Excellent use of mirror vocals [my own terminology] and harmony make this song an INSTANT Brandon Heath lover fave!  🙂

People are losing their homes to hurricanes.  Old lady living next door forgot her own name.  Teacher is hiding her Bible, but at least she’s got a job.  My local Salvation Army…just got robbed.

“Your Love” is the next joint on the album.  (I’m so hip.)  It’s a love song for the creator.  This song has a musical feel to it similar to Brandon’s hit song “Give Me Your Eyes” without the minor chord progression.

So I climbed a mountain and built an alter; looked out as far as I could see.  And everyday I’m getting older, I’m running out of dreams…I’m running out of dreams.  But your love, your love…the only thing that matters is your love…

“The Light in Me” is song #3.  Brandon seems to really like this allusion to “the light”.  He uses it in “Your Love” and one of his earlier tracks off another album.  A beautiful piano melody gets a driving tempo started.

You are the maker.  You tell the sun when to rise…I’m just a house on a hill.

“Only Water” is one of my two favorites on the album.  A tale of the importance…and the insignificance of our world’s must precious natural resource.  A simple, acoustic song, this track is deeply moving and the melody is beautiful.

But there’s something holy…in these cathedral walls.  They took a lot of years, and a lot of tears…it’s only water.

“Stolen” is a rock anthem.  The lyrics are freeing.  They exemplify the way Brandon can take simple words and put them together to give them a feeling of complexity.  He finds a way to put simple words together in ways normal people would never be able to do.

You catch me like a thief in the night, you hold me when I put up a fight, you chase me when I run from your light, because you love.  You won’t give up…’til my heart is stolen.

“Might Just Save Your Life” is a song unlike any other Brandon Heath has done and it is one of my MOST FAVORITEST!!!  [again…my own terminology]  It is one of the shortest songs he’s ever written but it is powerful and just…just…AWESOME!

I know you thought your faith was gone, but I’m as real as the fire that you’re on.  I’m not afraid…know how to fight…and I ain’t leaving here alone tonight!

“It’s Alright”.  This track is driven by a beautiful melodic piano riff.  It is an honest message of comfort from the creator of the world to his most prized creations.

Tiny boat on an angry sea, sails torn and tattered, how could Jesus be fast asleep?  Like it doesn’t matter!  Soon as He opens His eyes…the storm just dies…

The next track is my most favorite on the entire album.  “It’s No Good to Be Alone” sounds like a song you’d hear on Jimmy Buffett’s next album.  But it’s not.  Spiffy harmonies and a soothing melody make this song the WTRU FAVE of this album!

Nobody’s supposed to be an island…stuck out in the middle of the ocean on your own!  I’m not giving up until I find you.  Give me an S.O.S., I’ll bring you home.  It’s no good for you to be alone.

“Now More Than Ever”.  If the first track was a declaration of what this world has become…this track is an exclamation of what Brandon [and most other believers] most want in these dark times.  With a feeling similar to a funeral dirge, this song is truly a cry for help.

The more I see…the more I want…the more I know, it doesn’t stop.  Your beauty speaks to call me home…now more than ever.

The first track is a declaration, the ninth an exclamation, and the tenth a proclamation.  “The One” is my other favorite on this album.  It is a proclamation of the difference just one person could make and the idea that…this one person…is going to make that difference.

If there’s one thing that I’m sure of, if there’s one thing that I know, you could be one in a sea of faces…or you could be one more chance for hope.

“As Long As I’m Here”.  Simple vocals, with keyboards driving most of the song.  Simple…truth…so Brandon Heath.

Cause it took me a while just to find my feet and learn how to stand on my own.  But you gave me the heart and the time I would need, to find you and make it back home.  Where I belong.

In short…Brandon Heath has done it again.  I would suggest this album to any lover of Contemporary Christian music, soft rock, or truth.  This album will not disappoint you!

God Bless!

*Taken from my old blog WTRU True Radio


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