Capital Kings, “Capital Kings”

CKI am incapable of correctly expressing the magnanimous amounts of joy that are pulsing through my vital organs with the release of this debut album.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to think that I am unfairly persuaded to enjoy this music and therefore will not give an honest review.  I will be honest.  About it’s awesomeness.  No but seriously.  Let’s give this album a listen and see if this duo can hold up to the high standards they set for themselves with their AWESOME EP “I Feel So Alive“.

“All The Way”
From the first seconds of this song you learn just what this group is about.  Awesome, electronic sounds.  Beat driven…beats(?)!  This song is very basic in it’s instrumentation but the lyrics and the melody are truly outstanding.  A fine example of “nice” electronic music.

“We Belong as One”
And suddenly we transcend from “nice” to outstanding.  With a lovely cameo appearance from the man himself (tobyMac of course) this song is an awesome anthem for the family of Christ.  We are the body and we do indeed belong as one.

“You’ll Never Be Alone”
This song has some really fun lyrics and super reminds me of Owl City, until Cole comes in on the verses rappin’ it up!!!  This is a great, sweet little track.  Like I said, the lyrics are this are really fun and this song is going to be (or should be a radio favorite)!

“Living for the Other Side”
Featuring Royal Tailor.  And finally Christian music has a party song.  Maybe we don’t party like the other people but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to party EVER!!!!  And now we have a party song.  The beat is sick, the melody is unexpected, and the lyrics are…I’m going to venture and use this word for the first time in my life…DOPE.  That’s right…the lyrics are DOPE!  A personal favorite from the album.

“I Feel So Alive”
Best song of the year.  Best song of the album.  That is all.

“Ready for Home”
This song is a little different.  Most of the songs are melodically driven with some rap.  But this song is driven by the rap on the verses.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad…it just means that it’s unique on the album.  Which is a great thing in this case.  Wonderful track with a beautiful message and melody on the chorus!

“Born to Love”
As an avid Britt Nicole supporter, and someone who believes she could keep up in the hip-hop community, I was really excited to see her name on this track.  It doesn’t feature her as much as I had hoped…but the track is outstanding.  The chorus feels a lot like “I Feel So Alive” but this is still a great track.  Not the best example of what any of these guys have to offer.

“Be There”
Outstanding.  I love the verses on this song.  And the melody on the chorus is outstanding.  Another from the truly one of a kind EP and another one of my favorites on the album!

“Tell Me”
This is the last song from the album and personally, my least favorite.  Of course, it’s the slowest song on the album and we have repeatedly established the fact that I don’t like slow songs so much.  This is still a great track dripping with hope for a hopeless world.

“The Paradigm”
And kick it up a notch for the last track on the album.  DONE!  Featuring Soul Glow Activatur from Family Force 5…this song is different from every other track on the album and in an awesome way if I do say so myself.  And I do say so.  Myself.  Christian Dubstep at it’s highest and finest.

Well there you go.  A completely unbiased, third party, unpreferential opinion of a totally outstanding, amazing, awesome, beautifully, perfect album.  You need to check this album out!!  It’s truly fantastic and I can’t wait to see what the boys have coming in the future!  Be sure to check them out on the Winter Jam tour (coming soon, to a city near you)!  Also, find out more about Capital Kings at the following websites:



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