Capital Lights, “Rhythm ‘N’ Moves”

So, this is a group I probably never would’ve heard of if it hadn’t been for radio.  I got a copy of this CD from the station and since I’m wanting to do more album reviews (have fallen dreadfully behind and there have been some AMAZING albums come out!) I decided to start with this one this week.  This is an amazing album and truly a new favorite band for me.  I know I always say this…but I haven’t been able to put this album down since I got it!  Truly outstanding.  Let’s look at the tracks…

Rhythm ‘N’ Moves
TITLE TRACK!!!  You’ll soon learn I love title tracks.  But other than that…love this song!  The guitar part is really funky and totally works for me!  The lyrics are pretty sick too.  “Yeah I know what I like, I know where I stand, 3 steps behind a girl I once had/I took 2 steps right, I got 1 step left/she’ll waken my knees until I can’t stand.”  Great sign of what’s to come for this album!

Let Your Hair Down
This title is awesome.  This song is completely different from the first track.  I like the acoustic sound this one starts with.  These guys write what I call “Abstract Songs”.  You get a great message from the lyrics but it’s what YOU get out.  There isn’t a cut and dry explanation everyone shares.  There is a reason it was written…and there’s the reason we decide it was written.  Like they say IN this song, “Some songs break hearts, you know?”

I love the punnery in this song.  Genius.  “Caroline—yeah” sounds like Carolina.  “Then she up and fell in love…with herself.”  Genius.  This song is different from the other two.  Little auto-tune here but not too much.  I like auto-tune unless it nullifies your ability to sing.  It definitely DOESN’T do that here!

Coldfront Heatstroke
This song is going to be the first radio single.  It’s a good song.  “Coldfront Heatstroke”.  This song is really interesting because of the contrasts in the lyrics.  We’ve gone from a punk rock vibe, to indie vibe, to soft rock on this song.  Only…not too soft.

Newport Party
And now we find ourselves in the hip-hop house.  It’s like hip-hop meets the Beach Boys.  I love this group’s lyrics.  They’re rhyme schemes completely surprise you and they go places you weren’t expecting.  I’m not even half way through the album but I’m calling it.  NEW FAVORITE BAND!!!

Honey Don’t Jump
This intro sounds almost country.  This band is so eclectic in it’s musical stylings.  Once he starts singing the countries gone…but the good isn’t.  This is a great song of salvation and should be listened to if you’re in a rut.

Say Hey
I have no words for “Say Hey”.  Party song.  Excellente!

Don’t Drop Dead Juliet
This song is awesome.  Because of the title I immediately go to “Check Yes Juliet” by We the Kings in my mind.  But it’s totally different.  It’s dedicated to the Juliet during the hard times.  The real Juliet.  Not this fairy-tale Juliet we’ve created.  This song’s about the one who died for love.

Hey Little One
And now we slow it down a little bit for “Hey Little One”.  Piano ballad.  And enter the cello.  ADORATION!!!  This is such a sweet little song.  It’s really touching and makes you wonder who it was written for.

Save the Last Dance
“Let tonight be the night that the last dance will win you over”.  Love the theme of dance that carries through the whole album.  I can’t say enough about the excellency of the songwriting skills here.

Gotta Have Love
Best song on the album.  Simple music.  Simple truths.  Keeping it lyt.  This song…is unbelievable and undeniable.

This album is outstanding.  If you like Maroon 5/Stellar Kart/Jason Mraz and the likes…you’ll love this group!  Can’t wait to go back and check out their old first album!

**This album is featured on the video “Lyt Radio: August 26th”.


One comment on “Capital Lights, “Rhythm ‘N’ Moves”

  1. Reena says:

    You will LOVE LOVE LOVE….their first album…Outrage

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