Cord of 3, “Broken but Undeniably Hopeful”

Cord of 3.  OH Cord of 3.  I got to meet these guys last night at WBFJ and they are…well they’re just…these guys are crazy!  We’ve been playing their single “Mask” for a while now and I figured it was about time to listen to all their stuff!  (Stuff is a technical term.)  So I figured I’d do a review of their album “Broken But Undeniably Hopeful“.  Let’s see what they got!

No Fear
Awesome music!  Loud guitars, heavy drum rhythms, and outstanding vocals.  I enjoy the harder side of Christian rock because it’s not the sweet, sugary lyrics that some of the “pop” songs are.  (Remember I refuse to believe “pop” is a genre.)  They sing about the same things but from totally different perspectives.  This song is all about having NO FEAR because God is beside us at all times!

“Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side.”  -Psalm 23:4a

Broken But Undeniably Hopeful
TITLE TRACK!!!  My new obsession is “Un” words.  You might could tell that from the name of this blog.  But anyway…I LOVE THIS SONG!!!  “I can’t believe in failing…cause I see the prize that you’ll become.”  These guys seem to be obsessed with masks.  Which could be construed as freaky…but it isn’t!  🙂  In talking with them in the studio last night we talked a about how so many people today wear masks of holiness, perfection, wholeness, and so many other things to cover up who/what they really are and where they struggle.  It seems to intensify when you step into the church.  It is time we take the masks off.  No matter what we’ve done or how broken we are…we can still be undeniably hopeful.

Speaking of masks…
Something I think about so many hard rock bands (Christian or otherwise) is that the vocalist can sing…OR scream.  Not the case here.  Cord of 3’s lead singer has a great rock voice and the man can scream like nobody else!  I never thought I’d be so excited about that.  Oh well…this song speaks to so many of us and it’s message is SO true.  We try hard to live our “Church” lives and maintain our “World” lives.  We need to take off our masks.

Free From All
Great guitar riff getting us started.  Stop.  Screaming and guitar riff.  WOO!  I love these lyrics!  “Let me be the one who lives my life unconsciously.”  That “Church” life.  I don’t want it to be a mask I put on Sunday…I want to live that “Church” life unconsciously!

Letter of My Life
This song is very interesting.  The guys also said last night that they have the reason for the song, and then the personal reason that they keep to themselves.  I’d love to hear the stories behind this song.  It’s very, very interesting lyrically and different from anything else on the album musically.  I like this song a LOT!

This track is winner of the “Best Song Title” for the album.  I love this title.  “No one knows who we are”.  Its so true.  We’ve split so many times as Christians and we forget to go forward into the world FIRST as believers.  SO important!!!

Another stellar guitar riff to get us started out here…WHOA!!!  This song starts off WAY hot.  Could be a new favorite!  This chorus is awesome.  “Just cleanse me, break me, build me, bring me to life.”  I think this is so important because we never think to ask for the breaking…and we so often forget it’s essential to the building!

Poetic justice?  Following “Parasite” by “Creator”?  I thought it was interesting!  In the words of the band RED, this would be Cord of 3’s “dark positive” song.  This is a reminder from the “Creator” about how much He loves us and ALL that He wants to do for us and has done for us!

Whoa…like this start.  This song is very, VERY interesting.  This whispering start here has got me on the edge of my seat.  And suddenly…EXPLOSION!!!  But it’s still not as heavy as some of the other stuff but it’s a VERY powerful song.  I like this one a lot.

I love the metal bands because it sounds like there’s got to be at least 5 guitars playing.  Nope.  This song is a conversation between the suffocating and our savior.  A POWERFUL reminder…that God breathed the breath of life into us before we were born, and He will breathe it back into us when breathing is the hardest thing to do.

This is a COMPLETELY different sound.  But very interesting and exciting.  (I’ve used the word interesting WAY too much in this album review!)  It’s so true isn’t it?  Even Christians get Christianity shoved in their face in such away that they themselves become disengaged.

Your Love
Hello acoustic…
Hello electric…
I enjoy the use of classic hymns in this piece.  I know for me personally, acoustic is the way to go.  My voice just goes with acoustic instruments better than electric.  The one thing I would say about this acoustic start, is the guys sound better with the electricness.  Now…they go into the electric and this song is spectacular…but that’s my observation!  I really like this song incorporating hymns.  (Yes…I know I had already said that.)

If you like RED, Pillar, Blindside, Kutless, and Skillet…then you’ll love Cord of 3!  The guys are awesome and their song lyrics are spot on.  Plug ’em in, turn ’em up, and get out of their way!!!  This band is going to go far!  Looking forward to the next release!


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