for King & Country, “Crave”

for King & Country was one of the opening acts on the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular this year and I KNOW this is only the beginning for this young band.  With their intense melodies and wonderful Australian accents.  They are sure to go far!  (Christian music has proven a very loving arena for Australians…including for King & Country’s singers’ sister.)  Joel and Luke have great harmonies (siblings tend to!) and they are both outstanding musicians.  I’m excited to give this album a listen!

Light it Up
This track was on their EP and one of the more popular song.  It is outstanding but I like some of their other stuff better (more on that to come).  But this is a great song!  I love the melody and the very unique sound these boys have that comes out strong on this track!

The Proof of Your Love
A lot of strings with this band.  And if you’ve been reading my album reviews…you know I LOVES ME SOME STRINGS!!!  “Let my life be the proof..the proof of your love.”  I love this song!  The words are right on and with the brother’s tight harmonies…this song is a stand out!

This song has a somewhat haunting piano intro.  I was freaked out momentarily.  It’s over now.  It’s an interesting love (?) song.  I like the sound a lot, it’s heavier than most of what they do.  That’s not saying a lot because they don’t go hard.  It’s a great song.

Busted Heart (Hold on to Me)
This is my FAVORITE song from the EP and I’m sure the album too.  I love the message.  You can read my full opinions in the addicted post on this song.

People Change
This is another song from the EP that I absolutely adore.  It’s such a true message.  It’s a person asking for forgiveness and a second chance knowing that they don’t deserve it.  But they want the other individual to know that no matter HOW bad things were before, sometimes…people change.

Middle of Your Heart
Ooh…I like the sounds of this.  🙂  This song is SOOO my prayer.  I want everything I do and every part of me to be in the middle of your heart God!  “You’re love is something I can put my faith in.  It’s so true!  This is my new favorite song on the album!

Love’s to Blame
I also said this in an earlier post.  I love this song just because the way they say the word “can’t” with their Australian accents.  But this song is very interesting.  I love the piano and the melody.  The way his voice fades in and out almost like it’s breaking…like a voice would if going through this kind of pain.  This song paints a VERY vivid picture!  It’s such a great song.

Fine Fine Life
The only thing I love in a song more than strings…is whistling.  And this song STARTS with whistling!  I’m a happy camper.  But it also tells such a true story.  No matter what…it is a fine fine life.  We have so much to be thankful for and this song is a gentle reminder.

This is an interesting song.  I love the melody and the instrumentation.

Pushing on a Pull Door
For those of you who don’t know…doors are my thing.  I’ll talk more about that sometime…but this song definitely caught my eye on the album.  And I love the message.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we spend so much time on questions that don’t make that much difference.  We’re pushing on a pull door.

TITLE TRACK!!!  I don’t know what my infatuation with title tracks is.  But it is.  🙂  The piano on this song…is beautiful.  “Hope sleeps without me.”  These boys have an amazing gift of imagery with their words.  It’s truly amazing.  This song is so sweet and simple.  I love it.  The melody is amazing.  Hopes what we crave.  Amen.

This album is amazing.  It’s for lovers of Audrey Assad, Brandon Heath, OneRepublic, and Sara Bareilles.  I would recommend this album to all Christian music lovers.  It’s got some love songs on it…but that seems to be an ever growing trend in Christian music and they are beautiful.  Song that the world needs right now.  I’m looking forward for more coming from these two guys!



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