Heather Williams, “This Time Around”

New. Favorite. Human.

I’m serious.  This woman is amazing.  It’s breathtaking.  I was just checking out New Release Tuesday‘s list of the top 10 new female artists.  I read a little about her testimony (which is devastating) and decided I’d go check out her music on Spotify.  I can’t sit still…I can’t stop smiling…and I can’t stop…I JUST CAN’T STOP ANYTHING!!!!!!

Okay…go check this album out right now.  “This Time Around” by Heather Williams.  It is astounding!

Beautiful Thing
This song sounds like it’s going to be a slow song…and then suddenly it turns into a Jessie J/Lady Gaga/P!nk power song!  I was sitting here looking at my laptop like…”Whatcha doin’?  Whatcha doin’ there Heather?”  “Can you take all that I am and make a beautiful thing?”  It’s SUCH a great song!!!  And the melody/beat is something I’ve been looking for in Christian music for a while now.  I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!

God is Still God
“God is still God and He holds it together.”  OH MY GOSH!!!  This woman’s lyrics are exactly what this world needs right now.  And her country sounding vocals mixed with her pop musical vibe is an unexpected and amazing combination!!!

This song was written after Williams’ son died just a few hours after he was born.  This is just part of her heart breaking B.C. testimony.  (See what I did there?)  She talks about not being mad at God…and not questioning God…she just wanted to keep an open conversation with Him.  He wants us to keep talking to Him even when what we have to say is angry.  Even when all we have to say is, “I don’t want to talk to you.”  Even when all we have to say…is “Hallelujah”.  This is a powerhouse female vocalist if there ever was one!!!

You Are Loved
These songs are so great.  I’m sure you’re getting sick of hearing that.  But it’s just so true.  I want you to go buy her album.  No…but like RIGHT NOW!!!  Remember that you are loved more than all other things on this earth.  That’s what this song is saying.  Reminding all of us that we are loved!

I’ll Take it From You
This album is so surprising.  It’s like every track changes genres.  This is Christ talking to us…we can take all our things that weigh us down to the cross.  It’s not just that we CAN.  It’s that He’s is always calling out to us, “I’ll take it from you”.

This Time Around
TITLE TRACK!!!  I love title tracks!  This woman has an unbelievable story and this song is so obviously a translation of her life.  She’s going to live Christ’s love, she’s going to live her life, she’s going to love the life she’s living for Christ…this time around.

Start Over
So many of us need a chance to start over.  So many of us are afraid to ask for one.  We. Don’t. Have. To.  We don’t have to ask!  And I don’t think we remember that once we’ve been forgiven and we sin…we can start over again.

Always Been Faithful
All of these songs start out way and then suddenly transform into something new, different, and better.  Faithful is becoming my word.  Several of my favorite artists have written songs with faithfulness being the core message of the song.  This is one of the best ones I’ve heard.  I love it.

The melody of this song is outstanding.  The lyrics are fun and interesting.  The idea is fascinating.  Possibly my least favorite on the album…but that is not saying much.  🙂

Breathing Again
Great song.  The power in this voice is incredible!  This song is a fun way to approach defiance.  I’m fighting back against the evil in the world and the sin in me…and the first step is breathing again.

This is BY FAR the greatest pop/borderline rock album/artist I’ve heard in a while.  Heather Williams is definitely somebody to keep your eye on and this is DEFINITELY an album you want to add to your collection.  This album is absolutely outstanding!  Enjoy!


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