Kutless, “Believer”


We’ve been waiting for this album and now that it’s out we know that Kutless is in deed back with us as the Kutless we knew before the “Worship Break”.  Not to say that we didn’t LOVE the worship break.  I think a rock brand that takes time to make sure they have their priorities straight is EXACTLY what we need!  But let’s be honest.  We all were ready to rock again.

And rock we shall…

Believer” released this past week and I am so excited to give it a listen and then report my honest opinion.  Don’t expect anything less than awesome though friends.  It is Kutless after all!

If It Ends Today
Right out of the GATE this album gets the old Kutless vibe/mind set working for us.  Heavy on the guitar…heavy on the rhythm…heavy on the awesome!  This is officially “The Rapture Anthem”.  There is no need for believers to be afraid…if it ends today.  I love the chorus.  You can see/hear/feel an arena of hundreds of thousands singing this song and shouting “HEY HEY HEY!!!”  I also see my Christ Jesus wailing on an electric guitar and singing this song with us at the end days.  It’s a part they left out of Revelation.  “And then the Lion of Judah pickethed up His Les Paul and sang, ‘Raise your hands if you’re with me.  Raise your hands come on and say, ‘Hey…Hey.  Are you with me?  HEY HEY HEY…if it ends today!'”

Carry On
Track two reminds us that the hard rocking Kutless can write a slower, melodic song that sounds amazing.  I love the keys in this song.  The guitars and percussion are so heavy that you forget this is very worshipful and beautiful but that little piano melody comes in and reminds us.  We carry on in this life so that one day we might hear Jesus say those words.  “Well done, my good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities.  Let’s celebrate together!”  Matthew 25:21

All Yours
“I love this world more than I should.”  This goes at the top of my list of greatest opening lines in a song.  Just got to the chorus of this song.  New favorite song of all times.  Love the melody and love the message.  It is so true.  We should give our lives to Christ because…it’s all His anyways.  He’s going to get it…we should go willingly!

Even If
I’m loving this album so far.  It’s a must have!  This song just took my breath away.  I’m going to type my testimony up sometime soon and you’ll know the full extent of my obsession with certain songs.  You know some of it already.  This song speaks so heavily to me and I KNOW it will to so many other people who hear it.  If you are going through a hard time you really need to get this song.  (The album…but especially this song.)  “You are God, you are good, forever faithful one.  Even if the healing doesn’t come.”

This song is SO my prayer for what my life will be.  I don’t want fame…I don’t want fortune…I don’t WANT to be a hero.  But from the ones I’ve met…that’s the first step to becoming one.  This song sounds very Casting Crownsy…but it’s amazing!  I don’t think anyone will take that wrong.  🙂  It’s still awesome, rockish, and outstanding!

There are those awesome keys again!  Kutless, you guys got yourself a stellar piano player.  “God I need you to be…my identity.”  My other prayer.  These guys have killed it with this album.  I hear my orchestral strings…you guys KNOW how I love my strings!!!  This song is big and powerful and beautiful and God fearing!

This is the first single from this album.  Personally…I would’ve picked something else but it’s a great song.  There are just some others I like even more!!!  “If It Ends Today” would’ve been my pick.  But this song is awesome heavy rock and the perfect example of how Kutless has become adept at writing beautiful worship lyrics and pairing them up with HEAVY rock riffs and loud percussion.

Come Back Home
Beautiful song.  Prodigal story.  I’ve recently become obsessed with this story, so this song really spoke to me.  It’s a slower pace, but Kutless just keeps the fantastic coming!

This is Love
I love songs that fully disclose the story of my savior.  And here it is.  What a wonderful melody and a what a wonderful way to tell Christ’s story.  “This is more than a hope or a feelin’.”

This song is VERY different from most Kutless.  That’s not to say that it isn’t good.  It’s very Switchfootesque in my personal opinion.  Which is funny since that’s one of their songs too!  It’s awesome.  Probably my least favorite on the album…but that doesn’t mean much.

I’m With You
The “Footprints” story set to music.  But more beautifully than anyone could’ve done it. We always need to be reminded that Jesus IS with us even when we don’t see Him, hear Him…or want Him.  “You know I’m weary.  I know you’re calling out to me: ‘Fall in my arms…'”  This song is for the broken and weary.  This song is for everyone.

TITLE TRACK!!!  I recently had a conversation in a class.  A young lady who had said she was an atheist said that an important thing the Christian church needed to start doing is to stop.

Stop defining themselves by what they DON’T believe in and start defining themselves by what they DO believe in.

That being said, this song is the anthem for those of us who are interested in defining ourselves by who we ARE.  This song is absolutely amazing and puts it as simple as you could.  “I’m a believer in Christ.”  Well there you go.

Carry Me to the Cross
Organ?  I hear an organ.  This song sounds SO much like an old time hymn.  It is amazing.  One of the best most definitely.  THE worship song for this album and should be getting used in ALL worship services as we near the Easter season.

This album is coming at us with awesome guitar riffs, strong lyrics, and heavy Kutlessness.  What we have after the “Worship Break” is worshipful lyrics set to amazing rock tunes and stellar lyrics by the ever smooth Jon Micah.  If you are fans of Switchfoot, RED, Nine Lashes, and other rocking bands…then you’ll love Kutless.  I recommend this album to everyone.  There is a song for every need and every person.  Pick up your copy and support a band that I hope…is going to be around for a long, long, LONG time!!!


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