Lifehouse, “Almeria”



I must admit…I’m slightly confused by the cowboys on this album cover.  I’m almost sure Lifehouse doesn’t do country.  But what do I know?  We’ll give Lifehouse’s much anticipated latest album “Almeria” a listen and see if it makes sense or if it’s completely out of left field!

Gotta Be Tonight – Makes sense.  This song combines the greatest of the best.  It’s got western/rock music with an old spiritual beat and melody combined with Lifehouse lead singer Jason Wade’s gritty vocals totally fits in with the theme of the album and this song especially.  “Gotta keep your head up,” on the second chorus brings in some jazz/swing vibes.  This song is giving me some great expectations for this album!

Between The Raindrops – You had me from “Featuring Natasha Bedingfield”.  This song is very different from the first one from the word go.  Love the “oohs” and the chimey things.  (Technical term.)  These lyrics are very interesting.  The melody is captivating.  And Natasha’s gritty vocals with Jason’s make this song sweet, audible, perfection!  The chorus comes back into our western type motif in it’s driving rhythm and drum line.

Nobody Listen – This song leads with some news clips that support my opinion of news media.  One clip says, “Like a scene from the old west”.  (ALBUM COVER!)  This song is so true.  I love the simplicity but undeniable truth of the chorus.  This song is simple and spectacular.

Moveonday – Loving this intro.  “The sun doing cartwheels in my eye.”  I love that line!  This slide electric guitar VERY country sound with the crunch and the slide as I’ve already mentioned make this song totally awesome!  Should definitely be a single.

Slow Motion – This intro lick is totes awesome!  And enter the tambourine.  Not gonna lie.  Outstanding!  A slower song (fitting to the title) it’s beautiful.  But I’m not a slow song kind of girl.  🙂

Only You’re The One – Favorite melody on the album.  Called it.  This song belongs in a movie.  It reminds me of a lot of the music from “Spirit: Stallion of  the Cimarron”.  This is my favorite song on the album.  I love it so much!  That’s all I have to say about this particular track.  I love it.  (And apparently I’m not the only one because it’s the most popular track on iTunes!)

Where I Come From – This guitar riff is very interesting and almost discordant.  But it’s beautiful combined with the vocals.  It creates some melodic tension that is really cool and fitting to the song.  This song is very, very interesting and different.

Right Back Home – This guitar riff is also interesting and AWESOME.  Enter the organ.  Kick it up a notch.  Peter Frampton and Charles Jones guest star.  Oh yeah.  My other favorite song from this album!  The guest vocals totally fit in with the album vibe, song vibe, and the lead vocals from Wade.  This song is hard driving VERY western/rock/country oriented and just a great track all around!

Barricade – This is a neat little love song.  Simple and outstanding.

Aftermath – Another slow song.  Now don’t get me wrong, the boys do slow well.  I just don’t do slow well.  But this is a beautiful song.  Very peaceful and lovely.

Lady Day – This is a very interesting melody and a questionable title.  I wonder who it is about?  Great word play on the chorus!  “18 shades of grey” is brilliant.  This is another favorite on the album for me.

Pins & Needles – This track is different from anything else on the album.  Very unique.  But still awesome!  It’s got a normal rock feel to it and denies all ties to the cowboys on the front of the album.  But that’s fine.  I mean, I don’t think the boys from the band are really cowboys so it’s fine and stuff.  You know.

Rolling Off The Stone – Good classic rock happening here.  Which is to be expected from a name such as “Rolling off the Stone”.  This song has a little bit of blues influence on it but is definitely classic rock ‘n’ roll right here!  Great way to finish the album fellas!

This album is definitely one to add to your collection!  I am downloading right…now.  (But literally.)  Go check it out and hit Lifehouse up at:


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