Red, “Release the Panic”

Red-Release-the-PanicIt’s here.

This is one of my favorite bands for several reasons and their latest/4th album is FINALLY HERE!!!  So excited to give this album a listen and see what the boys have been working on since “Until We Have Faces”!

Release the Panic
TITLE TRACK!!!  The only thing that excites me more than a title track is when that title track is track numero uno!  Well…this album is starting off very Red.  It’s a great track.  Music is incredible, lyrics are expertly executed, and the really fun thing…is the track feels/sounds panicked.  It’s totally sick!

Perfect Life
Heavy drum intros from Mr. Joe Rickard so far on the album.  The lyrics for this track are really deep.  Probably going to be a favorite for me.  “Nothing wrong, nothing real inside all I see is a perfect life.  I don’t want your perfect life.”  Definitely a favorite.

Die For You
“Oh I can feel your madness now.”  This song is my new favorite.  (But this could go on for the whole album…)  Anyway, the guitar riff is awesome!  “Oh, I can feel your fire now.”  The lyrics again are outstanding and the vocals possibly even better!

Red talks about how the producer of this album said that if he’d heard it before he didn’t want to hear it on this album.  He wanted NEW on this album.  Enter “Damage”.  This song is SICK!  Truly outstanding.  The instrumentation and the way it swells on the chorus is unlike anything out there.  And the guitar intro with it’s high screaming notes is fresh and AWESOME!!!

Same Disease
“I am immune to you…you are immune to me.”  This track drops back into pure rock.  But doesn’t drop from pure fantasticness.  It maintains the level of outstanding this album is getting us used to.

Hold Me Now
One of the cool things about Red is that they can do awesome grungy vocals and screaming like in “Release the Panic” but then they can cool it off and do basically an acoustic ballad and still sound amazing.  This track is soft and soothing but still beautiful and perfectly executed.  These guys can do it all and it’s impressive that they realize this and they let it happen.  They go all over the place with their music and that’s what makes them one of the best!!!

If We Only
Back to some Red Rock.  🙂  Lovely.  I love hard core music with orchestration in it.  And this track is the perfect example of that.  The sound of classical instruments like cellos and violas with screaming guitars and screaming men just really compliment each other.

So Far Away
Another chance to slow down that the guys take.  Another great power ballad.  You’ve got to love Michael Barnes vocals after this album.  If you’ve never listened to Red before or if you’re not into “that kind of music”.  You should check this track out.  And change your mind.

Glass House
More orchestra.  More peace.  More awesome.  That is all.

The Moment We Come Alive
Anthem.  I think we all define kinds of songs (like ballads and…say anthems) differently.  But this is definitely an anthem for Red lovers and Christ lovers.  “We are a light that will never die.  This is the moment we come alive.”

Deluxe Edition Also Includes:

Love Will Leave a Mark
This is classic Red and that is all I have to say.

As You Go
This song is different in a special way I can’t describe but I really like this song and it’s…I’m going to use the word vibes.  It’s a very comforting song.  And peaceful.

The remaining songs are remixes of previous Red hits:

Hymn for the Missing – From “Until We Have Faces” – Guillotine Remix
I am a fan of remixing heavy rock songs.  Especially when they are remixed heavily on the dubstep side.  But this remix is very other worldly and I REALLY really love it!

Death of Me – From “Innocence & Instinct” – Guillotine Remix
It’s official…whoever is behind Guillotine Remixes is truly talented and amazingly AWESOME!!!  This is terrific!

Breathe Into Me – From “End of Silence” – Remix Acustica
Another new favorite thing.  When you think about remixes…you think about something louder and even more intense than the original was.  But on this they take it down and make it an acoustic track and it’s breathtaking.  A little eerie but truly outstanding.  This is beautiful and I can’t say enough about how much I love it.  As you can clearly see.

Over all…this album is a must have for rock and Red lovers.  It doesn’t disappoint in any way and in MANY ways goes above and beyond the call of duty.  So go get your copy today and let me know if you agree!

You can find Red at:


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