Spoken, “Illusion”

Spoken-CoverSo I go into work one night at XR and Dave says, “There’s a CD there for you.”  And he looks at me kind of funny.  First and foremost.  I have to say…I love butterflies!  My dad has recently started making leather butterflies as pins and I’m truly obsessed now.  And because they are so dainty and “pretty” I love it when they’re not the kind of butterflies you would expect.  Like a Scarlet Mormon for instance.  So this album cover really caught my attention.  “Open it.”  Dave was still looking at me weird.  But I did.  And I started flipping through the booklet.  Butterfly: cool.  Turn the page.  Okay.  This skull is kinda scary but the art is still really cool!  Turn the page.  Turn it again.  SNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!  THEN Dave tells me that he almost had a heart attack by opening randomly to the snake picture.  Well…now that the funny anecdote is over.  Let’s dive into this album review.  This music is pretty hard but it’s still amazing!

Stand Alone
The key for people who don’t particularly care for this music is to read the lyrics.  Because this first song is VERY heavy on the screaming but the lyrics are hard core, deep, and dripping with truth.  “…burning in the flames hope is my desire now turn your face to me.  I am not alone.”  This song’s intensity is almost overwhelming but it’s still a great track.

Beneath the Surface
Something I find VERY interesting about these songs, if you pull out the insert and read the lyrics is that…these songs rely heavily on repetition. None of them are more than a long stanza.  It’s like an album of poetry set to music.  I like it.  It’s different, but it’s not bad.  It’s great actually!

Don’t Go
“Just let your eyes close now I’ll be here when you wake maybe I knew all along just what I needed to say.”  This song is a personal favorite on the album.  They switch it up here: instead of mostly screaming with some melody…this track is mostly melody with some screaming.  I will go ahead and say this is not the music I usually wake up wanting to listen to in the mornings.  (That being said, if I get sleepy when I’m driving: GIVE IT TO ME!!!)  However, this song proves that the band can scream well 🙂 AND sing wonderfully.  That’s a sign of a strong group in my personal opinion.

Through it All
This song starts off and I thought…whoa.  Then it finally kicks in.  It’s such a great melody.  This is probably my all time most favorite on the album.  I really relate with this chorus.  If you’re wanting to get your feet wet with this band or this kind of music…this is where to start.

More Than You Know
This is THE album to get the person in your life suffering with depression or feeling like no one understands them.  The themes here are fire…and alone.   This album is speaking very personally to me.  Songs of encouragement.  Reminding you that you’re not alone.

Remember the Day
These guys put some VERY interesting intros on their songs.  “Stop for a moment and take back your life.”  That’s pretty much it.  The last line of the song and it is HIGH time we all started doing that.  This band is writing some excellent truths in their poetry here.  Most people can’t get passed the musical style to see that.  But you should definitely try.

Shadow Over Me
“I remember falling I remember hurting”.  I really do.  These songs are crying out to be listened to by people who have serious emotional trauma.  They offer community, condolences, and hope.  Another one of my favorites.

This is probably my least favorite on the album.  It isn’t bad.  Just my personal least favorite.  🙂

Take Everything
This song is like the climax on the album.  We’ve been crying for help throughout all the songs so far.  Feeling alone, like we’re trapped in the fire, and so many other things.  And now we’re to the place where we throw our hands up and cry: “Take what you want from me take it all!”

“Take Everything” is really a turning point on the album.  “Tonight” and the next track are both along those same lines…we’ve come through the hopelessness, we’re realizing that we are actually hopeFUL, but also accepting that there is still pain and there are still questions.  This is a really soft song compared to the other tracks.  Just straight up rock on this track.  No screaming involved!

Calm the Storm
I love storm songs!  Just saying.  And this is no exception.  I like that the group slows down towards the end here.  This track really demonstrates the lead singers capabilities and MAN!!!  He’s got an AMAZING voice!  This is the hope song on the album.  Beautiful words and a beautiful melody sung by a beautiful voice.

TITLE TRACK!!!!  And…finish with a bang.

To be entirely honest, when I first started listened through the intros of all these songs…I thought I wasn’t going to be really impressed with this album.  However…now that I’ve listened COMPLETELY through each of the songs, I see that this album is really special.  The uniqueness of the lyrics and writing style, the quality of the production and the vocals, and all other aspects of this album (including the art) scream awesome.  (Pun intended.)  If you’re a fan of of hard rock, metal, and you enjoy having someone scream at you in your headphones…you definitely need to check this album out!

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