TobyMac, “Tonight”

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for three guys.  These three dudes make up a band that my mother introduced me to by cassette.  Imagine my joy and rapture when mom returned from the Christian bookstore, handed me a tape, and suddenly my ears were being caressed by the sultry harmonies of the DC Talk on their project “Free At Last”.  Ever since, when asked you my favorite bands are one name immediately jumps to my mind: Toby Mac.  The three of those guys together were absolutely amazing but once they split, around the time I was born, I followed Toby Mac.  His dry cut truth lyrics and amazing musical styling captures the listener and takes them on a ride they’ll never forget.  On February 9th of this year, he released his latest album Tonight.  Tonight is his fifth album following Momentum, Diverse City, Portable Sounds, and Alive and Transported his live project.  If you were thinking about buying his latest album…HERE’S THE DR. MADJ DIAGNOSIS!!!
Tonight, the latest album put out by Toby Mac is a mish mosh of Toby’s favorite musical styles and some new ones that we’re not accustomed to but that the man can DEFINITELY pull it off!!!  Let’s take a look at this album.  The title trackTonight is performed with assistance from the lead singer of Skillet and definitely has the feeling of a song that his band would sing.  Tonight is hard rocking, rolling, and beckoning all of us to get up and do the best we can and to not wait to do it.  If you wanna do everything God has planned for you…then do it…Tonight. Get Back Up, the second track, is definitely my favorite.  Slower tempo and a feeling along the lines of Love is in the House, In The Air, and Loose Your Soul, this song is a declaration of our hope in Jesus Christ.  No matter what we have gone through and what horrors our past houses, because of the love of our savior we can all Get Back Up. HARD CORE TRACK #3!!!  This is a track to watch!  With help from Beckah Shae, an incredible artist in her own right, Funky Jesus Music is OFF THE CHARTS!!!  Toby Mac’s awesome hard core style with the good hip hop beats and amazing horns section, this song is truly Diverse City following in the footsteps of tracks like Diverse City, No Ordinary Love, and Irene. This song ROCKS!!!  City on our Knees is the first radio hit from his album.  To be entirely honest, I didn’t like it when it first came out, but it fits perfectly where it has been placed in order on the album and it makes the entire Tonight experience perfect.  It is a much softer song and not your usual Toby Mac but definitely fantastic none the less.  With a wonderful strings arrangement and a beautiful melodic line, this song is sure to stay a crowd favorite.  Then there’s the show stopper…Showstopper.  This song has some AWESOME hard core guitar riffs brought to you by one of the greatest guitar players in Christian music!  The man rocks!!!  With a sound that will appeal to lovers of The Slam this song is definitely going to be AMAZING live!  I can only imagine what Toby and his AMAZING group will do with this on a stage in front of CRAZEE FANS!!!  Let’s take it down a little for the next track:Changed Forever. The sound is a little softer even the tempo keeps it coming Diverse City style!  Hold On starts off with a sweet organ riff and breaks into a somewhat reggae feel as Toby takes us through the first verse.  When the chorus starts, it makes you wanna dance and sway along, break out the cell phones and trust “the one who’s holdin you”.  MY MOST FAVORITEST TRACK AND MY FAVORITE PART OF TOBY MAC ALBUMS IS NEXT!!!  Loud ‘N Clear by Tru Dog is totally rockin.  WATCH out Justin Beiber!  You think you lay a track?  Listen to my boy Tru here!  And fantastic camio appearance by one of the other McKeehan troop!  Love this song Tru and can’t wait for the next one!  When you puttin out your own album?  Now comes one of the songs we’ve never heard the likes of before.  Hey Devil is harder than any other song Toby has done on ANY of his earlier projects.  It’s outstanding though!  He pulled it off!!!  Takin’ it down again withWonderin’.  This song, though the verses get some pretty smooth lyrical lines rolling off the tip of his tongue, is sweet and slow with the melodic chorus and heart cry lyrics.  Captured is back to the original Toby Mac sound.  Adding in the edited version of the classic prayer, “If I should die before I wake…” was very classy.  This song is good classic Toby Mac with right on words once again!  The man rocks!!!  This track is followed up with Start Somewhere.  This is another song I can’t wait to see live!   The chorus is amazing and definitely perfect timing for this world of recession and war we are living in!  Preach it pastor Toby!!!  Break Open the Sky was pulled of successfully after enlisting the help of Israel Houghton.  Another out of the ordinary sound, this extremely reggae song makes you feel like your sitting around a blue lagoon with Houghton and Toby strummin guitars and singin along while somehwere in the background, a horn section dominates.  The boys sound FANTASTIC together.


So, in conclusion: on a scale of 1 to 5…I’d have to give it a five.  With good classic Toby Mac so that his fans aren’t disappointed and just enough surprises to keep them coming back for more, Tonight is an album that every Christian should be proud to support.  The words are words to a lost and dying world from a God and His home-boy.  Anyone who enjoys hoppin beats with some extraordinary vocals and instrumentation will NEVER be disappointed with Toby Mac…and definitely not with Tonight!!!  Check him out when he comes to a city near you with House of Heroes and Skillet on “THE AWAKE TONIGHT TOUR”.  For more information go to



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