Trip Lee, “The Good Life”

The man himself…has returned.  Trip Lee is quickly gaining popularity in a genre of music that used to have only one name to its name.  But this album, “The Good Life“, DEBUTED at no. 3 on the iTunes secular charts and has nowhere to go but up!  Since you are quite obviously a bog fan (here you are) you should DEFINITELY go check out Trip Lee’s blog.  You can only expect the best from Trip, but having given this a superficial listen already…it’s not at ALL what I expected.  Let’s take a look.

New Dreams
Big sounds on this album.  This first track drops with a light crowd & testimony time vibe.  Then comes the sick hook with some strong strings, pounding percussion, and Trip’s smooth lyrics.  Sho Baraka, another personal favorite joins Trip for this track.  The bridge is hot!  That simple bass riff being built on every phrase.  This particular song has more punnery than any other rap song I’ve ever heard.  Well done…I am a huge fan of puns.  This song is all about the dream (American or otherwise) we are raised to pursue and the fact that the dream is often unreachable or worse…not what we need.

I’ve been playing this track on UnUn (Sunday nights at 6 on and it’s gotten a LOT of air time on Crossroads (Friday nights at 10 on  I’m in love with this song.  It’s amazing!  Love the beat, love the refrain, love this track.  This song is a creative way to tell us that we are not robots forced to conform to the dream, the plan, or the good life.  We are however, free to live The Dream, The Plan, And The Good Life provided to us by our savior Jesus Christ.

I’m Good
The second single released from this album is heavy on the harmony again.  The music on this album is outstanding!  Featuring Lecrae this song is a definite stand out.  Love the Tebow reference.  🙂  “Pressure creates diamonds and fire refines the gold.”  This song is confronting the blessing/curse of Christians.  We can be broken and hurt but we’re still good.  Suffering is essential to the christian walk…but we don’t face it alone…and so we’re good.

This intro is sooooo interesting.  It’s from “This is War” by Dustin Kensrue.  This song is very interesting.  Once again, loving the track minus the vocals!  Add the vocals and it becomes explosive. I really like this track…but I’m being honest…I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything.  Deep track.  Outstanding track.

I love this lilting, almost singing vocals on the verses.  J. Paul joins Trip for this track.  The haunting almost middle eastern fiddle in the background is very interesting.  This track is reminding us that, we all refer to the garden of Eden as “The Fall”, but we all face fallin’ every day.  We fall away from God and grace…or we worry about fallin’ so much, that we do it anyway.

This song.  This song is outstanding!  It’s a love/hate song for iPhones.  GENIUS!!!  These lyrics are so true!  There’s not much to say about this song.  You just gotta hear it.

Know Me
This track is also one you have to listen to.  I can’t talk to much because I’ll give it away.  It’s a riddle.  In his rhymes he’s giving you hints to who he’s rapping as, and then at the end he tells you who “he” is.  The song with it’s fun chorus and the melody and beat is reminiscent of some kind of old soul song.

One Sixteen
Here we go with the “crew”.  🙂  Featuring KB and Andy Mineo this is a classic 116/Trip Lee/Christian rap track.  KB man…you are ridiculously intense!  And Andy…great things are happening and better are to come!  This track is all about what it’s all about.  My God is The God.  All I have to say on the subject.  Moving on…

Heart Problem
I love the use of these distorted voices on albums recently.  “Dum Dum” several others…but this is my favorite.  And I LOVE that this track is coming back to explain what he has been talking about all this time.  “The gifts and the giver are good.  Your heart is where the problems at lets get that understood!”  Man!  This song is what Trip’s about but it’s even more what all the members of the 116 clique are all about.

Take Me There
I’m loving Christian rock artists hooking up with Christian rap artists.  Jimmy Needham has started having our boys on his tracks and here we go bringing him into our world!  This is the “I Love Music” of this album.  It’s got a great fun melodic background track.  All about the joy of looking to heaven!

Beautiful Life
THE track of the album.  This song…words cannot describe.  This is the greatest anti-abortion song ever written.  I wouldn’t call it anti-abortion though because “anti” evokes such strong emotions of hatred and anger.  V. Rose’s voice compliments this kind of track so perfectly!  The “Beautiful Life” piece is outstanding.  Trip took the argument about abortion to a new level in this song.  No words to describe this song.  MUST HAVE!  If you only want to buy a couple of tracks…this is the ONE you HAVE TO GET!!!

I am to the point where every time I read “Featuring Suzy Rock” I cry a little.  This girl is AMAZING!!!  (And btw…I’m ready for your solo album girl!  😉  “We’re living in la, la, la, la, la, land.”  Trip’s been rapping about the dreams he is chasing and the dreams I am chasing and the dreams I want everyone to know about…and this song is the remorseful ode to those living the other dreams.  Fantasies.

Love on Display
The track about the sacrifice.  Refrain straight from “Rock of Ages” with their own additions.  Amazing track.

For My Good
Like with Suzy Rock, when I read Jai’s name on a track I pass out.  This album is winding down slower…interesting.  Romans 8:28.  This song is HOT!!!  🙂  So many scriptural references.  (Must remove the slower comment.)  It hopped up!  Refreshing reminder of the fact that Christ won’t give us more than we can take…and what we do have will be worked out for His glory!!!

Good Thing
This sounds like it should be a TV theme song from the ’60s.  This track is about his wife and the fact that their life together is a Good Thing.  “Honestly if it don’t hurt, then you ain’t lovin’ hard!”  Great song…love it SO much!!!  This song is so much fun!

This album is completely different than most Trip fans were probably expecting.  But in a good way.  Maybe a GREAT way.  This album is a definite need to any Christian rap fan.  Trip delivers an outstanding track with eclectic musical stylings and wonderful additions from the artist friend hotline!  “The Good Life” is an album of the year possibility.  I’m just saying.  Go get it!  Now.


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