Music Sharing!

Hello friends and family!

So I wanted to make sure you could access music we’re talking about.  Especially since I’m going to try to stay more on top of the charts for the week!  And I want to have an easy way to direct you to the music that is top 10 in the Christian music market!

So, for the charts for today (12/16/12) I linked to videos on YouTube but there is also a published Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page with the songs in order.

If you haven’t joined Spotify yet…you really should!  Basically, as long as you’re connected to the internet you can access ALL music for free!  It’s like Pandora, only you get more control over what you’re playing and therefore what you’re listening to!  Anyway, I’m going to start publishing some playlists there for us so you definitely need to check out Spotify and consider downloading it!  And then once you download it, find me by searching for “magnamite”!  (Or by clicking here.)