Does He “go” ahead of us? Or does He “know” ahead of us…

I’m working on the album review for “Come to the Well” right now, and I’m listening to “Already There”.  It’s an amazing song.  “When I’m lost in the mystery, to you my future is a memory.”  I love that!  It got me thinking.  We always hear that God knows what’s going to happen before we do because He GOES ahead of us.  But sometimes that gives me a distorted view of God.  In the book of John, Jesus says He is going ahead to make a place for us.  And I’ve heard that, but I’ve never noted the second part of that verse: He’s coming back.  Now, this is separate from the second coming when Christ comes back to take us all home with Him.  This “coming back” refers to His return once He has made a place for us.  The cross was the leaving, the Spirit of Christ that we carry with us at all times is John 14’s “coming back”.  He went ahead to open the door…and then came back to live in us.  He doesn’t GO ahead at all times…but He KNOWS ahead at all times.

Are you in a storm?
God GOES with you…but He KNOWS how it is going to enhance your life in the long run.

Do you feel alone?
God GOES with you…but He KNOWS ahead to the victory you will claim through Him.

Are you in the middle of your darkest night?
God understands it.  Not “understands” as in sees why it was logically necessary…but “understands” in the sense that He sees how it fits into the other puzzle pieces of your life to help you become the person you’re going to be.

A puzzle is a bunch of broken pieces that fit together to make a beautiful picture.
A stained glass window is impossible without pieces of broken glass.