Sent by Ravens, “Mean What You Say”

Sent by Ravens.  I love this title.  I’m just saying.  I hadn’t heard about this group before coming on as co-host at WBFJ in Winston-Salem, NC.    However, I’m pretty EXCEPTIONALLY excited about this band.  First of all, one of my favorite birds is a raven/crow.  (What’s the difference?)  ANYWAY…I also love Edgar Allen Poe so that’s another fondness I have for this album title.  And I’m sure you all care.  Let’s get in to the real exciting stuff here.  Let’s see if Sent by Ravens‘ “Mean What You Say” could be as popular as Poe’s poem!

“Old birds have opinions.”  Opening line of the opening song and I’m intrigued.  Hard sounds, great vocals, and awesome guitars!  This band has a lot of promise.  This song has a full, deep sound!

Loves a good bass riff.  So…loves this song!  “Love is waiting for you patiently…when you start to listen.”  So much truth in our Christian music!  There are so many things we search for answers for…and we just might find them if we’d listen.

Rebuild, Release
This is a great rock song.  The guitars are going hard the whole time and the drummer is working twice as hard as I ever have in my entire life!  “The walls are coming down.”  Building something new for ourselves we have to build it up all the way from the ground.  This is a sick song!

Learn from the Night
Very different start from anything else on the album.  This is one is a little “slower” for the pace of the album but it’s still outstanding!  The musical is outstanding the lyrics are great and just a great track.

Mean What You Say
I thought they were going to go dub step on me with that intro…but then it kicked in to the hard rock.  This song is really deep.  The words are great and the message is something you really have to think about while you’re listening.  It’s really interesting…this is my favorite track!

However Long it Takes
“The things I’ve seen I can’t believe.”  This song is also a little slower but the words are great.

Need it Today
Love this sound.  Different from anything else on the album.  “It’s easy to say I’ll get better soon…but I need it today!”

Never Be Enough
Oooh…piano!  I am in love with this melody.  This guys voice suddenly sounds even better than it had before.  And it hadn’t sounded bad but it’s outstanding on this track!  This song is the must have from the album.  It’s hauntingly fantastic and the lyrics are dead on!

We’re All Liars
Good track with interesting concepts in the lyrics

Best in Me
Acousticy.  It’s still really good.  I think I like this guys voice best on softer/acoustic pieces.
I didn’t have a lot to say about  these tracks because this band writes what I call “Abstract songs”.  The lyrics are poetic justice.  They are EXTREMELY open to interpretation by the listener.  This is probably not going to be one of my favorite bands.  If you like hard rock, you’ll love this band.  Personal thing.  The lyrics are great, the musicians are top notch, a must have for heavy rock fans!


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