Music Sharing!

Hello friends and family!

So I wanted to make sure you could access music we’re talking about.  Especially since I’m going to try to stay more on top of the charts for the week!  And I want to have an easy way to direct you to the music that is top 10 in the Christian music market!

So, for the charts for today (12/16/12) I linked to videos on YouTube but there is also a published Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page with the songs in order.

If you haven’t joined Spotify yet…you really should!  Basically, as long as you’re connected to the internet you can access ALL music for free!  It’s like Pandora, only you get more control over what you’re playing and therefore what you’re listening to!  Anyway, I’m going to start publishing some playlists there for us so you definitely need to check out Spotify and consider downloading it!  And then once you download it, find me by searching for “magnamite”!  (Or by clicking here.)


The Little Drummer Boy: A History Lessons


We all have our favorite Christmas songs.  Mine is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and I love Cee Lo Greene’s version with Christina Aguilera.  However, as far as my favorite pumped up Christmas song…it would definitely be “The Little Drummer Boy”.  And if you haven’t heard Lincoln Brewster’s version of it featuring KJ-52 you need to check it out!  But I digress.  I was given a homework assignment a couple of weeks ago on Friday night for Crossroad Radio: find the history of “The Little Drummer Boy”.

Are you ready for this?

Katherine Davis was born in 1892 in St. Joesph Mo.  She composed her first piece of music at the age of 15.  But in 1941 she would write the piece that everyone would know.  She was inspired by French and English folktales that she read during World War II.  Especially ones with morals.  Especially when the moral was that there was always someone poorer than poor little you.  That’s when she pictured a poor boy coming to visit a baby in a manger.  She sat down and penned a poem that she called “The Carol of the Drum”.  There is a span of time between “The Carol of the Drum”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, and “The Little Drummer Boy” becoming popular.

But a recording pushed it over the top.

Because this poem caught the eye of a family band.  An Austrian family band.  They would later become the focus of one of the greatest musicals of all times.

The family band?
The Von Trapp Family Singers.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

It’s been a long day.  And it started funny.

Last night, I was laying in “my bed” (the futon in the living room of my parent’s house) watching “Phineas & Ferb on my iPad.  I’m sharing the floor with my puppy Rigsby, my hamster Reggie, and last night only (I pray)…someone else.  Buster.

I had been hearing a noise for quite some time and assuming it was my hamster but I finally decided that it wasn’t.  So I sat up and watched the room closely.  That’s when I saw him.  Buster.  Buster is a flying squirrel.  Buster was in my house ALL night.  At one point…Buster was even in my bed.  I hate Buster.  I slept in the bathroom floor last night to avoid Buster.

But then…the day quit being funny.

My mom and I had to go to the doctor (everyone’s fine!) and we stopped for lunch on our way home.  We stopped at McDonald’s and I went back to the restroom and passed a television.  The shooting had just happened.  “Shooting” and “Elementary” are two words I never dreamed I would see together.  But now I have.  And it wasn’t in my dreams…it was in a nightmare.

I was devastated.  I’m trying to deal/cope/live with several things right now and this made all of them intensely more difficult.  I was talking with my mom and crying and she said something to me.  She said to me, “Maggie, you don’t have a cure for everyone who has ever suffered…”.  She said more…but I didn’t hear it.

The music faded.  My mother’s voice faded.  My pain faded.  And somewhere in the back of my mind I heard a still small voice reply:

“Yes you do.  Jesus.”

I don’t know your specific question.  I don’t know your answer.  But I know what you can use to help pain relief.

Come and heal our hearts.
Come and heal our children.
Come and give Connecticut,
a Silent Night.


Crossroad Radio

As you may or may not know…I work Friday nights at Crossroad Radio on WBFJ broadcasting live out of Winston-Salem!  You should definitely tune in on Friday nights from 10 p.m. to midnight!  Anyway, Dave and I recently posted on our blog our top 20 Christian market albums of 2012 and you need to go check them out NOW!  Dave has been in the Christian music scene for a long time and has a high standard for Christian music!  You can find mine HERE and Dave’s HERE!  GO CHECK IT OUT!!!


yEP! That’s a good EP.

Capital Kings

So here’s the deal.  On XR Radio, we’ve been doing Christmas and one of our most awesomest songs we’re playing right now is Capital Kings‘ version of the EVER classic “Carol of the Bells“.  I’ve been listening to it and thinking to myself, “Now THIS is what Christian music has been missing.”  But you always have to be on your guard when getting excited about new artists.  There is always the chance that the first song you heard was awesome and the rest is just kind of.  You know… 😛

But last night at XR I received a copy of Capital Kings’ EP “I Feel So Alive“.  And as soon as I got in the car I put it in.


This EP has me even more excited for this band’s first full length album I can’t hardly wait!  I’m also reconsidering fighting Winter Jam crowds just for a chance to see this duo live and in action!  The first track, “I Feel So Alive” has an intense beat, outstanding melody, and the music these boys produce is unbelievable.  The quality is absolutely pristine.  I love these lyrics, “You’ve got me livin’ how I wanted all along.  I feel so alive!”  “Be There” is very different from the first track but with this still outstanding production quality, vocals, melody, and instrumentation.  “Tell Me” is the ‘lighter’ song on the EP (as far as beat goes) but it is still awesome!  And the Telemitry remix of “I Feel So Alive” is indescribable.

 The group is doing dubstep…and then they dubstep the dubstep.

Mind Blown

Capital Kings is most definitely a band to keep your eye on!  Love the music, love the vocals, love the production, love the EP!  Can’t wait for January!