Newsong, “One True God”

I was riding to class one night when a song on the radio caught my attention.  I wrote down a piece of the refrain so I could later look it up and see who did it, what the name of it was, and where I could get a copy.  It turned out to be Newsong from their new album, “One True God“.  This was the same night I desperately set out to buy Audrey Assad’s new album. However, when I arrived at Cornerstone Christian Bookstore in Boone, they didn’t have it.  So I started looking around for something else to get and I settled on this.

Newsong is known for their worship anthems and a fun, unique rock sound.  Their guitar player Rico is the MAN!!!  This is also the band responsible for bringing you Winter Jam Tour Spectacular year after year.  They’re are an amazing group that has set the bar pretty high for themselves.  They’ve recently been cycling through band members so lets see how this latest release stacks up.

One True God
Right off the bat with the FIRST song, you can hear the classic Newsong rock sound.  This song is reciting that well known scripture “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord”.  I love the melody of this song.  Their new  vocalist/cello player/keyboard man just fits the sound we have come to anticipate from this group.

Love is the Medicine
I’ve heard a lot here recently about God/Christ/love being the medicine for our afflictions.  Love is what takes all our pain away and that’s what this song is declaring.  Pushing us to take the love of Christ (the medicine) to the sick and dying.  Those who have never known love and won’t without us.

The Same God
This is the song I heard on my way to class that night.  I’ve referenced…repeatedly…some rough things I’ve been facing in my life recently and this song spoke so loudly to me.  This song was my medicine!  And it’s message has been shared before…but not quite like this.  “Trust God”, “God is with you”…but no one has ever put emphasis on the fact that it’s the SAME God who held the sun on you when it was shining.  And now he is holding the umbrella.

The Way You Smile
When I was trying to decide what CD to buy that night…this track sold me on this album.  And it didn’t disappoint.  I love Contemporary Christian love songs…they’re so cute without the “awkwardness” you can get in secular love songs.  This song sounds like it was WRITTEN for Franny.  It’s such a great little song!

This World is Ours to Love
I have always gotten Newsong and Newsboys mixed up.  And the start of this song is very Newsboys-ish in my opinion.  The guys have come back with an AWESOME stellar remake of their classic sound.  It’s a little harder for the youth they are wanting to reach, but it’s still classic Newsong.  This song points out such an important fact we forget: TO LOVE.  This world is ours TO LOVE.  Not ours to judge, or hate, or point at, or wave signs at, or ignore.  Instead of entering into hatefull arguments over homosexuality, and abortion, and divorce, and suicide…we need to enter into loving, open, conversations.

Strong City
Boone is much bigger than my little hometown and so I LOVE these city songs.  There is a parking lot outside of an apartment complex where you can see ALL of Boone.  And city songs remind me of sitting up there at night looking down on all the lights.  And this song, while combining my feelings that MY city can be God’s city if He is the “God of this City” reminds me that I will one day be a part of another city…if I want to look over it, I’ll use my wings to fly up and look at it.  If I want to talk to the mayor…I’ll turn around and see His face.  If I want o get away…I’ll never want to get away.

Why Worry
Best. Start. To. Any. Song. Ever.  I love the banjo and the fun little, backwoods, small town church feeling.  VERY reminiscent of “This is the Stuff”.  Franny and Newsong may have just taken out a copyright on cute bouncy songs!  🙂  THIS SONG IS SO GREAT!!!  The refrain is enough to take away your worry/frown/tears.  “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”  (Matt. 11:28 GNT)

Between the Cross and Crown
“If no wounds upon our body…then our hearts.”  This song epitomizes the cry of the mother who just lost her daughter in a car wreck.  This song epitomizes the cry of a father who just lost his son to war.  This song is the cry of the homeless family worried about where their next meal will come from.  This song IS the cry of the broken-hearted college senior who has seen more loss than she would like to admit in her four years of school.  This song says it all.

So many of us spend so much time looking for a miracle.  I’m doing a Beth Moore study right now and she pointed out that God wants to show us signs…but He wants us to want HIM more than a miracle.  This song addresses those times when you’re desperately hanging on to God…but you just NEED to see Him…”Move”.

The Reason
I think we should remember this more than we do.  He is the reason for everything…down to EVERY last detail.  The things we don’t think about.  He obsesses over.

This album all in all, is outstanding.  I said it once and I’ll repeat it…”The Way You Smile” is enough of a reason to buy it.  But there isn’t a bad song on the CD.  If you like Newsboys, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, and Journey (yes…I just went there) then you’ll love this band and this album!


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