tobyMac, “Eye on It”

My favorite.  At some point when I was a kid, my entire CD collection was stolen all except one Point of Grace CD.  I lost my Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Brittney Spears, and everything else “pop” that I had.  After about six months of listening to POG (which I love…don’t get me wrong), my mom brought me home a cassette tape one day.  Now kids, before iPods and CDs there were these things called cassettes.  Little boxes with two little holes and a tape that fed through.  Anyway, she brought me home a cassette tape.  My life was changed that day.  That cassette was a copy of DC Talk’s “Free At Last”.  I was immediately a fan.  Since then, I’m still in love with DCT but my favorite since the start of their solo careers is the one and only…Mr. tobyMac.  I have stayed on top of every album he put out, so obviously, when I woke up for work at 4:00 am, knowing his latest album came out at midnight…the first thing I did was buy it.  And now I want us to take a look at the songs and see if this album holds up to scrutiny by a tried and true fan.

Me Without You
This first track was the first single from his album.  If you download the song from iTunes, you can get the LP with extras including toby sharing a commentary on this song.  He said something I had never thought about.  How many Christian songs do you hear about the joy of life with Jesus?  Now how many do you hear about life without Him?  One.  This one.  Love the beat, the synths, the music.  Diverse City has become one of THE greatest bands in Christian music in my personal opinion.  The lyrics are dead on.  Great song overall.

Steal My Show
This song also proves my point about the band/music being amazing.  After the airplane intro, the music starts and is immediately captivating.  Love this.  This is definitely going to be added to my pre-concert regimen.  People talk/sing about wanting people to see Jesus, but this is just a different way to say it.  Love.

Eye on It
TITLE TRACK!  Music is sick, beat is infectious, and the melody of this song is outstanding!  This takes me back to toby’s first album.  Reminds me of some of his earlier stuff but with his increased musical maturity.

I read “featuring Lecrae” and I get all excited.  And this track did NOT disappoint!  Now I just hope they make a video to this song.  Hope it’s the next single too.  Great lyrics for new Christians.  Okay…for anybody.  But especially new Christians.  It’s the softer side of Lecrae and he sounds completely different.  Amazing…just different.  And Nirva kills some BGVs on this song.

Speak Life
Love the melody.  Such a great message and way to say it.  Don’t speak hate or mean or anything that can and will be held against you in a court of the Lord.  Speak life.

Whoa.  Yes.  That is all.

Lose Myself
Piano.  So unexpected.  Pretty, pretty piano.  Great song, amazing lyrics, this song really showcases toby’s singing abilities.  This is so his key.  Best song on the album by far.  Not that far…

Interesting intro.  Beautiful lyrics.  Breathtaking.  Love this.  For people facing divorce or having any kind of trouble with any member of their family.  This song is so amazing and with it’s message of perseverance in the face of hard times in a relationship.  This is an amazing song.

Thankful for You
Stellar intro.  Dude…FUNKY!!!  O…ma…gosh.  I have to retract my earlier statement.  This is the best song on the album by FAR.  “Lose Myself” is the best song on the album.  But this is the best one by far.  🙂

Made for Me
AWESOME love song.  True story about how he met his wife and then the family they started/have.  Beautiful

Mac Daddy (Tru’s Reality)
My favorite part of tobyMac albums is the track his son does.  It’s true.  Tru Dog has had a track on his daddy’s albums since day one a.k.a. “Momentum”.  We’ve gotten to listen to Tru grow up and I’m looking forward to when he releases his own album.  This song is hilarious.  And yet good.  They do some fun things with Tru’s tracks but they’re still usually really awesome!  The Tru track from “Tonight” was one of my favorites on the album.

Favorite Song
Again…read “featuring Jamie Grace” and got SUPER EXCITED.  Love it!  This song is great.  Perfect way to end the album.  Melody is great, this song is about getting a song stuck in your head and this is definitely the one that’s going to get stuck in people’s heads!

Now, I downloaded the LP version like I said.  Deluxe edition.  If you get this version of the album, you get six bonus tracks.  Remixes.  You get remixes of “Me Without You” (two different remixes), “Steal My Show”, “Lose Myself”, “Family”, and “LoudNClear Tru”.  They’re all pretty good, but the two Telemitry Remixes (“Me Without You” and “LoudNClear Tru”) are the best.  They are totally sick!  This is an album that stands up to it’s artist’s good name.  If you’re a toby fan you won’t be disappointed.  And if you’ve been thinking about checking him out…this album is the perfect time.


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