K. Sparks, “Read Between The Lines”

K. SparksSo…I added a thing on my blog a while back saying I would love requests from music lovers and bands who are looking for album reviews of specific albums and I am happy and blessed today that I GOT MY FIRST E-MAIL REQUEST THIS WEEK!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I got about this…but I danced with my puppy.  If that helps you visualize at all.  This request comes from Dawn (thanks again) and she asked me to take a look at “Read Between The Lines” from New York rapper K. Sparks.  First thing’s first…I LOVE THIS ALBUM COVER!  I too (more later) have a major problem with mass media and the way they are mis-informing the nation.  So this album cover gets the album itself 2 stars before I even start listening.  Now like I said…this is an artist and an album I’d never heard about and I was SUPER excited about getting asked but I was a little nervous about whether or not the album would be good.  But I jumped right in!  JOIN ME!!!

Sunset – So far so good.  Music is nice.  Lovin’ the organ.  Outstanding!  This guys is definitely a pro.  His rhymes are tight and his lyrics are spot on.  The song really speaks to the tone of the album that Sparks talks about.

“Everyday we are fed negative images and content through mass media on a daily basis.  We live in a day and age where people have to be intuitive enough to read between the lines of content we are fed and think for themselves.  Challenge yourself to not merely think outside the box, but to never get in the box at all.”

Stimulus Package –  This song is AWESOME!  It’s fully focused on the hypocrisy of pop culture in music!  This is a great song.  Love the production on this with some very different, unsuspected and still spectacular instrumentation.  I like the birds.  (If you listen to this song you will know to what I am referring.  If you don’t you will just think I’m crazy!)

Achievement – I am not trying in ANY way to say that the rapping is not top notch…but the music on this album is reason enough to get this album.  This is instrumentation unlike anything else you’re going to hear on a Christian rap album.  Maybe even ANY rap album!  And the female vocal really adds to this song.  (From Tina Quallo.)  And if the music alone is why you should buy the album…the rapping is going to blow your socks off!  This guy is top notch and this song is great.

Show Off – If “Achievement” didn’t prove that the music is unique…this intro slaps you in the face!  Oh and HECK!  Thought he could rap up till now and then he’s gonna kick it up and take it double time.  I like this title.  The lyrics are still spot on but the man definitely has some skills to show off!

Time 4 That – Wow.  Leave it to a Christian rapper to take a viral YouTube humor video into a serious rap.  I personally have a very tight relationship with the phrase this song is about.  But I will never look at it the same way again!  This rap is amazing.  It was a very creative way to tie in the irritation with mass media.  This song is a great illustration of K. Sparks’ abilities on the mic.

Leaders – Here is another great example of the music originality and this song is gonna be my favorite on the album.  I’m loving this song right now!  This is a great jamming/party tune but these lyrics hit hard and deep!  Great example of the lyricst’s abilities and the producer’s abilities!  This song is sweet rap perfection!  If you don’t listen/buy any other track on this album you should get this one for the uniqueness and AWESOMENESS!

Dreamer – My mind is freaking out right now!  Every time I think that this is the most unique music you could have on this album…something new happens!  This song is a great story song again featuring Ms. Tina Quallo who is fast becoming my favorite female guest on a Christian rap album!  Her sweet melody is very welcomed on these intense rap tracks with such strong, unique, and outstanding instrument background!  Another great track with another great message and some more great lyrics!

Smooth Cafe – The music on this album is so full!  Have I said that?  Let me say it again.  THE MUSIC ON THIS ALBUM IS SO FULL!  I CAN’T HARDLY STAND IT!  It’s nice to see an artist of any kind who puts as much passion and pride in his music and every aspect of his album as he does in the vocals.  And this title basically explains this track better than I every could: smooth.

Read Between The Lines – TITLE TRACK!!!  Something to get excited about here on Lyt Radio!  🙂  And the intro reminds me of that song Wall•e keeps listening to.  Aaaaaand…it’s over.  This track really hits hard on the reasons Sparks talks about choosing this album title.  Great rapping, sweet music, staying in the Sparks theme I suppose!

Judgmental – Some Latin vibes with the guitars in the background.  “America’s next top deacon”.  This song is offensive.  In a good way.  This song is sick!  Sparks definitely doesn’t sit around worrying about whether or not people are going to like him.  It may hurt you a little bit because there is NO way someone could listen to this song and not hear a little bit about themselves.  And if you do…and you don’t…then you need to check yourself.  Yeah.   I said it!

Faithful – Again, with every new track this album catches me more and more off guard where the background music is concerned.  Is this swing?  Nope.  This is a cool song about Godly relationships!  “They say behind every great mans a better woman.”  Yup.  Remember that fellas.  😉  And ladies remember that it’s our job to be behind our man.  But seriously…just pull over and ask for directions.

Wonder Years – This music!  K. Sparks you are the MAN!!!  This is a neat track with lyrics about the man himself.  Introducing K. Sparks!  You got it!  If you want to know more about this man you’re listening to then here it is!  His biography in song.  And a good one too!

Dedication – Yup.  And this last track definitely doesn’t disappoint.  Musically, rapically, or lyrically!  With the spoken parts on this track, it’s very different and unique.  I like how this song is very much like an instructional video on falling forward.  (Again…you’ll understand if you listen to the album/song!)  I really needed this song right now.  Perfect timing…GOD’S GOT IT!

I need to thank Dawn from the BOTTOM of my heart for asking me to give this guy a listen.  By far one of the greatest albums I’ve heard in a long time.  The rapping is unbelievable, the lyrics are breathtaking, and as I’ve repeated repeatedly…this music is absolutely out of this world!!!  I encourage all rap fans to go and get a copy of this album.  And if you haven’t been in to rap before because you don’t like the beats…check this album out.  This is good rap for the music lover!  Please remember that I’d love to do more and more album reviews!  If you are a music lover or a band and would like an album reviewed get in touch with me by e-mailing maglytradio@gmail.com or by visiting the “Can I Help You With Something?” tab!  Go check out “Read Between the Lines” and hit K. Sparks up at:





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