Audrey Assad, “Heart”

The Christian Sara Bareilles?

It’s been a rough couple weeks for me and my family.  I went to my religion course the other night…and for some reason…right in the middle of the class I suddenly became DESPERATE for Audrey Assad’s most recent album.  I left class and headed to the Christian bookstore in Boone where they didn’t have it.  I was emotionally devastated.  I bought NewSong’s latest album and headed home.  I got home and logged onto iTunes and downloaded it and all I can say is…

I’m glad I didn’t give up.

This album is Ah-MAZE-ing!!!  My new favorite (this week) CD and one of my new favorite artists.  I’ve listened to it non-stop and here is my HONEST opinion on this AMAZING album!  🙂

Blessed are the Ones
It’s a very eclectic sounding album.  It ranges from electronic, to jazz, to soft rock.  This first track is the jazz piece.  I love Assad’s wispy voice.  This song is all about evangelism and taking the message of Christ to the hungry, thirsty, and all those in need.

Even the Winter
This is one of my favorites and the first track I fell in love with off the album.  This one has the lightly techno effect with the electric piano at the beginning.  This song really resonates with me  in light of some struggles I’ve been facing recently.  The song tells us that the winter season will end.  There is hope for sunshine.  I love the line in the chorus, “We’ll wake up in April, willing and able…”.  This is the perfect song for anyone finding themselves during their time of struggle.

The Way You Move
This sounds like a song Francesca Battistelli or Sara Bareilles would do.  Not to say or even SUGGEST that Audrey didn’t hit a home run with it herself!  This song is absolutely beautiful and her wispy vocals add infinitely to the effect of the piece!  It’s so true too, we do not stand a chance against the way God moves.  He is in charge…and He will move.  With…or without us.

This is one of my ALL time favorite hymns and I LOVE her rendition of it!  That light little electronic piano she’s got in a couple of these songs really adds to the feeling.  Not much to say about this one.  It’s just plain good.

Breaking You
I love a good waltz.  And this…this is a good waltz.  Another song to speak to the broken hearted, this track is amazing.  I really respect that, as a Christian artist, she wasn’t afraid to say the line, “You’re life went to hell”.  Sometimes…there’s no other way to say it.  That’s just the way it is.  “Your heartbreak is breaking you”.  This song is fantastic.  If you are a friend of someone who is hurting, this song won’t only be healing for them, but a reminder for you to remember what they’re going through and be there for them!

O My Soul
This song starts off like you’d expect any old hymn to start off.  And it’s a beautiful new song.

Won Me Over
This is one of the fun, upbeat songs off the record.  You’ll quickly learn that I love a serious song…but upbeat is my style!  This is a sweet…basically a love song to Christ.  He always comes after us no matter what we’ve done.  And if our hearts are willing…He will ALWAYS win us over.

No Turning Back
This song is my ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITEST SONG OF THE ALBUM AND THE WEEK!!!!!!!  The start is so dramatic.  I love the timpani drums!  And the melody is magical!  🙂  The lyrics paint an amazing picture and Assad’s voice sounds so different/powerful/awesome on this particular song.  I’m coming after Christ…and there IS no turning back.

This song is interesting because the count in makes you think it’s going to be uptempo…but then it isn’t.  Except it kind of is. I don’t know how to explain it.  This is The Deep song on the album.  Assad’s lyrics probe the depths every time but this song reaches a new low!  “Why is it easy to work and hard to rest sometimes?”  This song is like a Psalm or a chapter of Proverbs.  It’s different but it’s peaceful and so relaxing!

Wherever You Go
“There’s a train leaving your heart tonight.”  I love this picture.  I love this line.  Once again, a mystical melody and wispy vocals make this song astounding.  Whether a song of love between friends, to a lover, or from Father to child…this song says it PERFECTLY.

“Faith is not a fire…as much as it’s a glow”.  Love moves slow.  It’s such an interesting idea…complex at first.  But then simplistic and relaxing.  Love is not a drowning hurricane…but a peaceful breeze.  Just enough to remind us it’s there when we need the reminder.

New Song
To hear another instrument before piano on an Assad song is kind of…weird.  I think we all feel like this more than we realize.  Not necessarily that we need a brand NEW song.  But that we need a new, old song to sing.  (Personal Song Testimony: I’ve always sung “Amazing Grace” with feigned emotion.  When I discovered “It is Well With My Soul” it completely transformed my spiritual life and my attitude.)

The Other Side
A perfect expression of the hope we have for the future after we’ve lost someone.  We walk this simple road in this simple life and one day we will all be together again…on the other side.

So, to wrap it up, if you like Sara Bareilles, Francesca Battistelli, Ingrid Michaelson, and/or Colbie Caillat, you will LOVE Audrey Assad.  This album is fantastic and I recommend it for ANYONE who is going through a particular hard time or has just lost a loved one.  It’s the perfect reminder that “Even the Winter” will end once we arrive…on “The Other Side”.



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