Casting Crowns, “Come to the Well”

Casting Crowns has become one of THE most popular Christian bands around.  Their first album, “Casting Crowns”, was released in 2003.  (Find out who helped produce it.)  Since then they have also released “Life Songs”, “Life Songs Live”, “The Altar and the Door”, and “Until the Whole World Hears”.  The band has won 14 Dove Awards, 3 Grammys, and 2 AMAs.  Their latest album, “Come to the Well” creates high expectations for the bands classic ‘feels like worship tastes like rock’ and Mark Hall’s amazing vocals and lyrics.  Let’s see how it turned out.

Coming out of the gate you can understand my designator, “feels like worship tastes like rock”.  With the full vocals on the chorus this is definitely a song I envision infiltrating our worship service at church.  This song style is also very Casting Crowns.  Power anthem, declaration of action…this group is all about challenging this generation and this track is their invitation to proclaim what you believe before we move into the rest of the songs that…I’m sure will end up stepping on some toes in a completely necessary way.  This song is the calm before the storm.

City on the Hill
I love songs that are so obviously and strongly based on scripture.  It’s a classic scripture/story song.  The music is beautiful with an almost celtic tone.  The contrast of occupations in the second verse and the bridge is very inspiring.  This song is an amazing reminder of how much we all need each other.  1 Corinthians 12:4 & 5 reads, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same spirit distributes them.  There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.”  Absolutely beautiful song and a much needed reminder for the church today!

Jesus, Friend of Sinners
Man.  I’m sitting in my dorm room, watching the snow blow in circles outside, listening to these words…and my breaking heart.  This song is a beautiful slow, worshipful tune.  I love the play on words in the second verse, “We are the least of thieves”.  One thing I am always afraid of doing, is applying wrong connotations to an artist’s lyrics because it’s happened to me with a couple of songs I’ve written.  But the reference to putting down signs in this song, with it’s overall message, turns this song into the personification of my feelings towards Westboro Baptist Church.  This song isn’t infested with hatred….it is a broken hearted cry for people to see their ways and change and above all an honest acceptance of the fact that we are not perfect.

Already There
This song is a beautiful reminder that no matter what we’ve been through…or what we’re going through, God hasn’t just BEEN there already.  He IS there already.   Very Casting Crownsy.  For more on my thoughts about this song click the LINK.

The Well
My favorite hymn is, “It is Well With My Soul”.  It was written by Horatio Spafford after his three small daughters were killed in a ship wreck.  “The Well” makes me think of what he must’ve been thinking.  “Leave it all behind”.  This song is a welcome mat…to ANYONE who is hurt and broken and wants a cool drink of water.  When we drink our fill, we overflow and becoming watering holes for those who need the thirst quenching Water of Life.  This song is absolutely outstanding.

Spirit Wind
I had to read this title like, four times, but I absolutely LOVE it!  🙂  I also LOVE the like, bluegrass feel this song has.  Now, for those of you who read that and through up a little, it’s not like “BLECH” bluegrass.  It’s really got that feel JUST because the instruments they used.  It’s an amazing song with a wonderful vibe.  Very different but still really good.  I love the bridge with the females doing their harmony parts.

Just Another Birthday
Another interesting title for you.  This CD is all about Casting Crowns calling the church out for some of the preconceived misconceptions we’ve developed.  The lifestyle doesn’t matter at ALL…can I repeat that part?  The lifestyle doesn’t matter at ALL.  We were commanded to love like Christ loves…and He doesn’t love lifestyles–He loves people.  A song about a young, un-wed mother is probably still UBER taboo with the church…but that’s one of the things I love about this band.  They say what needs to be said.  And this song is the perfect example.  Sweet, smooth female vocals and the lovely violin behind make for a gorgeous song.

Wedding Day
I love this…Jesus love song.  🙂  It paints an amazing picture.  Outstanding song!  “The hands that bear the only scars in heaven touch her face”.  I’m going to say it: Hallelujah!

Moving straight from the Jesus love song into the ACTUAL love song.  This song is beautiful.  I love it when a male vocalist sings within his range and then jumps to a higher note every now and then.  This song fits the bill.  It’s a sweet little melody with very precious lyrics!  If you’re getting married soon…check this song out!

My Own Worst Enemy
There is a new Casting Crowns phenomenon: putting a like hard rock song on their albums JUST to freak us out.  Or at least that’s what I think the reason is.  This song is OH so true for so many of us.  I love the lead in to the chorus in the first verse about seeing a man I thought I’d buried but it looks like he’s found me.  This song is hard core and TOTALLY awesome!

Face Down
I love the females in this group.  AMAZING singers and they both play instruments I wish I could play.  (Violin and Piano.)  This song has a wonderful message.  I’ve heard a lot of inspirational speakers talk in the past couple years about praying face down.  And the couple times I’ve been so desperate I couldn’t stand myself…it just fills you.  Being as low as you can be emotionally and matching your posture with your heart.  It’s an amazing feeling

So Far to Find You
Most of the songs on this album are a slower than on the older albums.  And I usually am the queen of hating slow songs…but there isn’t a bad song on this CD.  This song is about adoption.  Mark Hall (lead singer) adopted a little girl named Hope this past year.  This is a very, VERY touching and sweet song that not only applies to the earthly adoption of a child…but of our adoption into Christ’s family.

Before I had finished this album review, I had started the download on iTunes.  If you are a fan of Christian Music/Casting Crowns/soft rock/praise and worship music/Lady Antebellum then you will LOVE this band and especially this album.  I would have to say that this is probably my…overall this is probably my favorite Casting Crowns album ever.  I love some of their older songs, but looking at the whole project, this is by far the most astounding and outstanding!  Support an amazing band and your own spiritual growth by adding a copy of these songs to your collection!

1 Thessalonians 5:28


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